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Super Christmas gifts for golf lovers

Christmas appears suddenly, although we have had many warnings of his arrival.

Therefore, for those of you who have left everything for the last moment, as we always do, here are some shopping ideas for your loved ones or for you to pamper yourself ben hogan ptx irons review.


Bioflow Sport Double Bracelet

The wristband model worn by Lee Westwood and Paul Lawrie, inside contains a powerful magnet, is designed to improve circulation and stimulate oxygen flow by transporting red and white cells, reaching all parts of the body and improves the immune system.

Titleist Custom Golf Balls

Super idea for a gift. Personalization is a free offer from Titleist, any of your balls can be personalized with a name. You can place your order at any Titleist distributor to make a very special and memorable gift.


Golf Band training aids

Used at home or on the driving range, these exercise bands are perfect as a warm-up before playing. They are excellent for promoting strength training and conditioning, as well as to help the development of the swing. They increase and improve the synchronism of the arm to the body action and stability of the height of the body.

Green Test PGA Tour

A popular addition to any home or office. This 2-meter PGA version comes with a flag, as well as two risk zones imitating a bunker and water to test your skill. It helps to test a more consistent stroke and the slight tilt of the model will help control distance challenge.


Box collection clothing collection Ping

This elegant box offers an excellent polo shirt and a sweater. The sweater is made of 80% cotton and 20% merino. The polo is 100% cotton, there are two versions of the set available, one with a smooth finish and another that includes a diamond sweater and black polo.


Garmin Aproche S3

Available in black, white and red, this fantastic top yards / meter calculator is pre-loaded with more than 27,000 golf courses and has no subscription fees. It will calculate the distances to the front and back and center of the green and there is also a distance center to start the measurements of the key points.

How to paint a shirt

We are going to paint a smooth shirt to give it a personal touch. In this way, we will achieve a modern shirt based on a simple and simple personalized t shirts for couples.

We show you how to print the drawing that you like most on your shirt. Follow these steps to create a unique garment that only you will have.



  • Sponge
  • Knife
  • Fine tip brush
  • Griddle



  • Smooth t-shirt
  • Drawing template (acetate paper)
  • Wood
  • Acrylic paint for colored textiles


Step by step to paint a shirt

Step 1

Before beginning to paint the shirt we will have to make a template with the drawing that we want it to have. To do this, first draw on a plain paper, then you have to draw it on acetate paper and finally cut all the edges leaving the interior empty.


Step 2

At the time of painting you have to put inside the shirt a wooden board or a hard cardboard so that when painting on one side the paint is not transferred to the other side.


Step 3

The next step will be to take the template and place it on the shirt in the area where we want to make the drawing. Then we will take the sponge and wet it in the paint. We will remove the excess that may remain and we will give dry blows to the template. It is important to hold the template well so that it does not move.


Step 4

If we want to paint with a different color, it will be better to use another sponge so that the colors do not mix.


Step 5

Once we have finished painting the entire template, it will be the turn to remove it. We must be very careful not to move it sideways. You have to pop it up gently.


Step 6

As the corners have been somewhat blurred, with a fine brush we will go over all the edges to achieve a better drawing. In this way we round all the edges. We can also give some shadows using another color and painted on the drawing.


Step 7

Finally, we can give a faded touch using a sponge and giving soft touches. Once everything is dry, we will have to iron the shirt so that the paint is fixed well. It is important that the shirt is turned inside out and the iron has enough heat.

How can fiber optic cabling transform your business?

You get an increased bandwidth, especially for long distance applications. Fiber optic cables transmit data over longer distances than copper without significant loss.

get faster upload and download speeds: if your company relies on efficient handling of large amounts of data, such as financial transaction data, large backups or multimedia content, upgrading your core network to fiber optic technology can dramatically increase speed and efficiency of their daily operations, with much less maintenance and additional equipment than the traditional copper infrastructure.

get better coverage over longer distances: data transmitted through copper cabling degrades faster as it is transported through the cable. ftth terminal box in china, on the other hand, was originally designed for long-distance transmissions, and the signals are attenuated and degrade at a much lower rate. In some cases, you can send data up to 40 kilometers without any degradation.

OM3 Fiber Patch Cables

You get minimum splicing expenses.

obtains instantaneous scale ability: routes of existing pipes can be interrupted in any location, allowing rapid updates of the network. furthermore, the costs and time scales for subsequent connections are significantly reduced.

You get a more robust network: copper-based networks are quite delicate. Usually, they can support around 25 pounds of pressure, while fiber networks can withstand up to 200 pounds without suffering any damage.

There is no radiation, it is difficult to eavesdrop, because fiber optic transmission of light can not run out of fiber

fiber adaptability, long life.

If you want this product click this links and find prices fiber splitter price.

How to treat cancer in the blood or leukemia

The usual treatment for leukemia is medical treatment that starts with chemotherapy and can lead to a bone marrow transplant, provided the first step has no effect In this article Medical Syndromes, we tell you how to treat cancer in the blood or leukemia by telling you the most traditional treatments and explaining the alternative methods that are now popularizing.


Steps to follow:

1. It is important to know what leukemia is to understand the disease and be able to treat it. The alteration of the cells takes place during the maturation process of a large cell to a white blood cell, at this moment an error occurs which causes a chromosomal alteration to take place causing the cells to become cancerous and multiply in an uncontrolled manner.

Due to the large amount of cancer cells that begins to be in this process, they end up sneaking into the bone marrow replacing normal blood cells. Those that are infected spread through the blood, which makes it reach other vital organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys or brain.


2. The treatment of leukemia is focused on completely destroying cancer cells and normal cells can be restored in the bone marrow. The first step to treat cancer is chemotherapy, a pharmacological treatment that will always depend on the patient’s conditions (age, sex, etc.) as well as the type of cancer in the blood that has developed.

The chemotherapy consists of taking different combinations of drugs that work to fight cancer. There are different types of chemotherapy that can be administered to the patient both intravenously and orally. However, this treatment has many side effects that affect the health of people:

  • Intestinal problems (vomiting, changes in appetite, etc.)
  • Hair loss
  • Generalized fatigue
  • Very weakened immune system


3. It is common for blood transfusions to be given to the patient with leukemia during the treatment of chemotherapy. This is done to correct the onset of diseases such as anemia and prevent bleeding so it is normal that these side treatments are done while on chemotherapy.

4. In the case where the treatment of the chemotherapy is not satisfactory, that is, it has not been able to eliminate the cancer cells of the organism; we proceed to the bone marrow transplant. This treatment is delicate but it is the best alternative to be able to cure cancer in the blood.

In order to do so, a donor compatible with the patient is needed; this is usually found in members of the same family who will have to give their consent to submit to the donation. In case there is no family compatibility you will have to choose to find a donor that is compatible with the patient, although this process is slow and complicated, it may be favorable.

5. There is another possibility to treat leukemia and it is that the same patient is doing what is known as an “autotransplant “. This is only possible when in the laboratory it is seen that a patient is in remission of cancer, and then it is possible to go to the patient’s marrow and remove the stem cells. In the laboratory again it is a question of extracting any carcinogenic trace that may be present in the cells and proceeding to the transplantation of the same marrow but regenerated.

6. The causes of leukemia remain unknown, that “error” that takes place in the maturation of cells is not known why it is caused or, therefore, how to prevent it. However, it is known that carrying out healthy lifestyle habits ensures that your body is healthier and can be more protected against cancer.

Practices such as eating a healthy diet, exercising, quitting smoking and drinking and sun protection are some of the most recommended. In this article we tell you how to prevent cancer with healthy habits.

7. Leukemia is a type of cancer that can be detected by experiencing a series of symptoms in your body and your state of health that reveal that something is happening inside you. Among the most common symptoms of leukemia we highlight the following:

  • The decrease in platelets caused by this cancer makes the patient more tired and fatigued.
  • Hunger also disappears and a sudden large weight loss can be observed.
  • Appearance of anemia.
  • Bruises appear on the skin for no apparent reason.
  • Bleeding in areas such as the nose or rectum.
  • Pain of bones and vital organs such as the stomach.

This article is merely informative, in a COMO we do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

If you want to read more articles similar to how to treat cancer in the blood or leukemia, we recommend you to enter our category of diseases and side effects.


Ramps for wheelchairs or stair lifts? The best choice

Ramps wheelchairs , it is undoubtedly one of the most used options to provide accessibility to access to all types of buildings, shops or single-family homes.

However, it is very important to bear in mind that this type of construction has to comply with a regulation, which indicates a series of guidelines, so that it is considered accessible and not another architectural barrier that hinders access (MONTASCALE PER DISABILI).

Today it is still very common to find this type of construction with an excessive slope, insufficient width or an inadequate loading and unloading area so that a person in a wheelchair can maneuver and use it.

 As an alternative to the construction of ramps for wheelchairs , we have the stair lifts, both stair lift platforms and vertical stair climbers, which represent one of the most widely used accessibility solutions nowadays.

The wheelchair ramps

A ramp that does not meet minimum requirements to be accessible, far from it, is a further obstacle resulting even dangerous to use.

In this aspect, the construction of a ramp must take into account a series of points, among which the following stand out:

  • The minimum width of a wheelchair ramp must be 1.2 m.
  • The slope of the ramp will be a maximum of 10% for those that have a length resulting from a maximum of 3 meters, in case of ramps with routes of between 3 and 6 meters the maximum slope will be 8% and for other cases the pending may not exceed 6%.
  • The maximum length of a ramp is 9 meters, if it is higher you will have to build different sections separated by intermediate landings with the same width as the ramp and a length of 1.5 m.
  • The floor must be non-slip , in addition, you must install a double handrail with certain height measurements and a base , curb or element with a minimum height of 10 cm., Which prevent the wheels from leaving the chair.
  • Both in the embarkation area and in the landing area, they must not have obstacles or protrusions and must have sufficient measures to be able to make a circumference with a diameter of 1.5 meters , so that the person in a wheelchair can maneuver without difficulty.

The stair-climbers

Within wheelchair accessible systems accessible to people in wheelchairs, we can find two types:

Staircases that are installed on the ladder by a fixed guidance system and follow the path and shape of the ladder as are the stair lift platforms, which once completed use allow folding to leave the maximum possible free passage of stairs and whose installation does not require works or reforms in the staircase.

Vertical stair climbers , also known as vertical short-haul elevators that require a specific space or hole for their installation, which are equipped with a characteristic cabin open to measure height and have a very similar operation to that of the elevators.

Which is the best option?

But, which option is the best? , the construction of a ramp or the installation of a stair lift, and where is it better to use one or the other?

Normally when it comes to saving slightly unevenness, the option of the ramp is the most used, we have to take into account that, for example, to save two rungs, which would be an approximate difference in height of about 35 cm, the length of the accessible ramp This would be about 4.5 m., to which we will have to add the loading and unloading area so that the person in a wheelchair can maneuver without difficulty.

When it comes to saving major differences, we can find that it is not technically feasible to build an accessible ramp or that it occupies a large space, important especially for many businesses, or that the cost of it is greater than the installation of a stair lift system.

In the hypothetical case that there is the possibility of installing both a stair lift and the construction of a ramp, the main recommendation is the study of the two options, assessing both the price, the works and renovations carried out, the ease of use and, of course, , the viability of the project.

take care of the runner's nails

5 tips to take care of the runner’s nails

The impact on the ground at the time of running can cause significant problems in the nails, which will end up causing training to be a real martyrdom. So that it does not happen again, we give you 5 tips to take care of the runner’s nails (remedios para unha encravada).

You should cut your nails with some frequency. Do not forget that there may be a friction with the toe of the shoe and cause the nails to turn black or become incarnated. It will usually be enough for the courts every ten days or so, and if it is after the shower, much better. Try to make the cut straight, since rounded nails are more likely to form thumb tabs.

Try not to run with a shoe that fits too tight, there must be a margin. If you squeeze too much, the nails will end up pressed hard and will end up turning black. Also keep in mind that the shoes will also break down sooner.

Be careful when going down the slopes. Running down the feet tend to move towards the toe, so the nails and fingers will end up pressed against the front of the shoe. That is why it is always recommended to buy footwear a little wider, which allows the foot to move freely.

Do not worry if a black nail appears. It will end up healing in a short time. The best thing is that for a few days you reduce the intensity of the workouts so that the problem does not go any further.

When you have any discomfort in the nails it is advisable to go to the podiatrist. The great sufferers are, without a doubt, the background runners. They are the most likely to be broken or blacked out. To prevent and avoid problems in the feet do not hesitate to see a specialist with some frequency.

The Difference between Auto CPAP and BiLevel CPAP

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between CPAP, AutoCPAP and BiLevel devices? How do you know which one is the best for your treatment? Great questions and although the answers can be complex, it’s a good place to start your patient education after the sleep apnea diagnosis. All 3 are referred to as flow generators and are FDA controlled medical devices, which requires dispensing by prescription.

CPAP machine

This is the most basic flow generator and the device most often prescribed first. In many cases, our insurance coverage dictates CPAP first, because it costs less and most patients do well with it. If challenges arise, then AutoCPAP or BiLevel are then prescribed.

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and is just that; a constant and continuous flow of air that the patient must inhale and then exhale over. One of the biggest challenges adjusting to CPAP is the overwhelming feeling of that continuous flow of air pressure upon exhalation. Most manufactures offer a resolution to this challenge by sensing and / or reducing the machine pressure upon exhalation. Depending on the manufacturer, this feature has different names. The Philips Respironics features are known as it CFLEX, AFLEX or BiFLEX. ResMed refers to it as EPR (expiratory pressure relief) and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers the uniquely different SensAwake™. These comfort features have the ability to reduce or self adjust the machine pressure up to 3 cm H2o.

Example: Your CPAP pressure is 10. You have no problem inhaling that delivery of air, but when you begin to exhale while the air is still being delivered, you may feel overwhelmed, claustrophobic or even experience a choking sensation. So if your machine is set with EPR at 3, you would receive 10 at inhalation and then the machine reduces to 7 to make it easier for you to exhale.

AutoCPAP – Automatic titrating (measuring and adjusting) continuous positive airway pressure

buy cpap machine This machine is also known as APAP. Unlike CPAP which is set to deliver one continuous pressure, APAP is set within a high and low pressure range for the purpose of varying inhalation needs. The range is predetermined by your prescribing physician. APAP has a sensitive algorithm technology that allows the machine to detect how much inhalation pressure you need with each breath.

The theory of providing a range is that one’s pressure needs may vary during any given night or hour of sleep. One example is sleeping position; most of us have more apnea episodes and of longer duration when we sleep on our backs vs. side or stomach sleeping. Think “gravity” as when we lay flat on our back, the jaw and tongue naturally relax and fall back, thus blocking the airway and causing apnea episodes. Some of us may have nasal conditions or seasonal allergies that require higher pressures during part of the night or seasonally. Even a slightly stuffy nose may cause worsening apnea episodes. We may need higher pressures on occasions when we are under the influence of alcohol too close to bed time (yes, with your doctors approval it is ok to have a glass of wine or alcoholic beverage). Some of us require sedative medication for pain causing deeper sleep and thus more apnea events. Even over the counter cold and flu medications can have a sedative effect. On those nights, APAP should provide the proper inhalation pressure we need on a breath by breath basis.

In theory, an AutoCPAP should work set at the lowest pressure of 4 and the highest of 20, however some experts believe APAP is more effective if the range is tightened a bit closer to the average known cpap pressure needed by each patient. If APAP is challenging for you, bring this to the attention of your prescribing physician.

BiLevel  indicates a flow generator that delivers 2 distinct pressures, one for inhalation and the second for exhalation.

The most complex device, it is also the most expensive and typically reserved for special needs. Most Bilevel devices offer a high setting range of 25 cm H2O vs CPAP and APAP which typically top out at 20. Since exhaling over a constant pressure is one of the most challenging aspects of adjustment for the patient, BiLevel best serves those who require mid to high range inhalation pressure needs. Since high inhalation pressures are extremely difficult to exhale over, this device is set at 2 distinct and constant pressures, one for inhalation and one for exhalation. Remember that CFLEX, EPR only have the ability to reduce pressure 3 points lower, so when a patient requires an inhalation pressure of 20 for example, lowering to 17 is still extremely challenging, so BiLevel can be set at any pressure from its minimum of 4 cm H2O. AutoBilevel are now available and have similar features as the APAP regarding the inhalation and exhalation pressure variables.

Since BiLevel works similarly to a ventilator, it is commonly used for patients with other disorders such as ALS, Parkinson’s or other diseases with patients who need assistance with breathing. It is also frequently prescribed for patients who have central sleep apnea, although many with central apnea do quite well with CPAP or APAP.

Having three options for treating your sleep apnea is useful knowledge. If you have tried and failed on CPAP, discuss APAP or BiLevel or AutoBilevel with your prescribing physician. Each flow generator has different features and benefits, so finding the one that best suits your needs is very important to your successful therapy.

Planning Tips for Creating A Successful YouTube Channel

So you want to create a successful YouTube channel, huh? Think you got what it takes to be a big-time hot-shot million-subscriber money-printing machine? Well there’s a lot of blood, sweat and mouseclicks involved in making a successful Youtube channel and unless you have a HI-LARIOUS video of you or a friend getting hit real hard in their most sensitive areas, you probably won’t be an overnight success (and even then the success probably won’t be enough to cover the hospital bills.)

Buy views and comments on youtube Building a successful YouTube channel is just that  – building. You need a blueprint before you start building something or else you end up with a mud hut when what you wanted was a skyscraper. Here are a few things to consider before you break out the scaffolding.


1. Define Yourself – Who You Are, What You’re Into and How You Want to Present Yourself.
Be you on camera. That may seem pretty obvious, but it’s worth stating. Think of any of your favorite Youtubers. Why do you like them? Why do you come back to watch their content? Well, stop thinking because I’ll tell you why – they’ve developed a unique personal brandingthat you enjoy. Defining yourself and creating your own “personal brand” is key in the creation and maintenance of a successful Youtube channel.


2. Define Your Capability – What Can You Pull Off?
Buy youtube comments and views Content with higher production quality tends to get more views and shares. That’s just the way it is. However, great content can be made at all levels of production quality – you just have to take advantage of your skills and equipment (and of course use them as appropriate for what you’re trying to create.) Do you have a RED camera, dolly, harness set and prosthetic limbs handy? Shoot an epic fantasy battle scene with exploding arms and legs. Do you have mom and dad’s old camcorder from the 90s? I would advise against trying to film an epic fantasy battle scene with exploding arms and legs. You’re may be shooting for this but you’ll usually end up with this.


3. Define Your Audience – Who They Are and How Best to Reach Them
Psst. Hey. Kid. C’mere for a second. Listen reallllll closely. You listening? Good.
Got your attention? Good. Building a relationship with your audience almost single-handedly decides your success or failure on YouTube. Everything you do should be to build your audience. Make yourself available to them. Get a Twitter/Facebook page and respond when they message you. Be nice. People who like you are more willing to share your content.

As you develop a relationship with your audience and get to know them a bit more, patterns start to arise – how old they are, what else they’re into, what gender they are etc. In marketing, this is called demographic information. You can use this information to develop future content not only that you will want to make, but also that will appeal more to your audience. Now, you don’t have to bend to their every request (and believe me, there will be plenty of requests) but keep in mind what they want to see.


4. Make Yourself a Schedule and Stick To It

Life happens. We get it. But make sure the channel happens as well. Consistency is key. Having strong, regular content is more important than having infrequent mind-blowing content. Having regular content helps you more easily develop a relationship with your audience, gives you more chances at exposure and generally keeps your audience’s attention. If you give your audience too much time between videos, they may just get bored and move onto someone else. Audiences are fickle like that.



What Are the Benefits of the Priamax?

When the information about men enhancement product is released people always ask several questions. In the case of priamax, the popular question is What Are the Benefits of the Priamax? Those asking this question are not wrong as it is important for them to know why they should take the product. You will understand more about the reason to go for this product by the time you read to the end of this post. There are numerous benefits associated to this enhancement product that made it the best among others. The first one is that it is formulated with all natural ingredients. So, the issue of side effects is completely overruled.

Some of the Main Benefits of Priamax You Need To Know

The benefits of this product are so enormous that they cannot be exhausted. But, it is important for you to know some of them before going for it. Boosting of libido through increase in production of testosterone is among the main benefits. Men looking for the best supplement that can boost their performance in bed can find succor in Priamax.

More about the Benefits of Priamax

No more weakness in bed when you start taking this product. So, if you are among those asking What Are the Benefits of the Priamax? You should know that it is the solution you need for your sexual weakness. It is what you need to return the fire that makes your wife respect you while in bed. There are many other benefits which you can read out through review.

Three Things You Can Enjoy with Dyna Storm Nutrition


Muscle enhancement is now taken as one of the keen interests among the youth. Men, as well as women, seem curious to develop stronger muscles, not for only bodybuilding but also to be attractive. Those who want to spice up the exercises with some best quality supplements should focus on Dyna Storm Nutrition. This is an ideal muscle enhancing formula with scientifically proven features.

Enjoy optimal growth:

In most of the cases, our body doesn’t maintain the growth rate because of different factors. It is necessary to take care of the diets, drinks, exercises and other routines in order to manage these things. It has been noticed that achieving the optimal growth depends on perfect routine in all aspects. Fulfilling the growth needs is the first achievement for bodybuilders. They can easily manage the muscle enhancement activities if they remember these things.

Enjoy full support:

This amazing formula contains natural ingredients scientifically proven by experts. This ensures that adding the supplement in the diet’s plan would be highly effective. It is necessary to consume the daily dose before you start the workouts at gym.

Enjoy proper nutrition:

It is true that stronger muscles make an ideal shape of the body in order to create its perfect look but it requires sufficient energy and nutrition. You are going to get 100 % nutrition with this pre workout supplement. It will give you an excellent boost with the help of all necessary nutrients. This helps to enhance the development rate of muscles.