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boy friend & girl friend t shirt

How to design better t-shirts, posters and illustrations

A good poster should communicate something quickly and very effectively. Whether you need to design t-shirts, posters or any type of illustrations, what we are going to tell you today is useful for you:

In principle, you must record all your ideas, either in writing or in audio, to return to them at any time boy friend & girl friend t shirt.

In addition, it is important that there is something that catches your attention: it can be a word or something that forms a graphic part of the design, because that way there is more chance that people will be attracted to it.

It is very important to know the location; It is not the same to make a design for a personalized shirt that for posters or even for billboards. You must keep that in mind and think about the best way to reach your target audience

And finally, keep in mind that it cannot be simple, because a lot of lyrics or too many details can make the viewer lose interest. Good luck with all your next designs!

Awaken your inspiration with these tips

Are you under inspiration? Do you lack ideas and do not know how to get them? Here are some tips that will come very well at the time of creating, whether to design shirts or write a script.

For example, you can exchange ideas with people who think like you, or who have similar goals. In this way, you will be stimulated and you will feel supported in achieving your goals, and you will see how soon they become reality and how inspiration begins to emerge.

You can also read biographies of famous people in the field that interests you, as it will help you remember the reasons you have to do things. Learn about their lives and their stories, to know what they did to achieve what you are looking for.

Finally, you can remember your own moments of success that you have had in the past. In this way you will feel proud of yourself and you will remember that you are capable of doing very good things. Celebrate your triumphs will remind you that you can get those and many more.

How to treat cancer in the blood or leukemia

The usual treatment for leukemia is medical treatment that starts with chemotherapy and can lead to a bone marrow transplant, provided the first step has no effect In this article Medical Syndromes, we tell you how to treat cancer in the blood or leukemia by telling you the most traditional treatments and explaining the alternative methods that are now popularizing.


Steps to follow:

1. It is important to know what leukemia is to understand the disease and be able to treat it. The alteration of the cells takes place during the maturation process of a large cell to a white blood cell, at this moment an error occurs which causes a chromosomal alteration to take place causing the cells to become cancerous and multiply in an uncontrolled manner.

Due to the large amount of cancer cells that begins to be in this process, they end up sneaking into the bone marrow replacing normal blood cells. Those that are infected spread through the blood, which makes it reach other vital organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys or brain.


2. The treatment of leukemia is focused on completely destroying cancer cells and normal cells can be restored in the bone marrow. The first step to treat cancer is chemotherapy, a pharmacological treatment that will always depend on the patient’s conditions (age, sex, etc.) as well as the type of cancer in the blood that has developed.

The chemotherapy consists of taking different combinations of drugs that work to fight cancer. There are different types of chemotherapy that can be administered to the patient both intravenously and orally. However, this treatment has many side effects that affect the health of people:

  • Intestinal problems (vomiting, changes in appetite, etc.)
  • Hair loss
  • Generalized fatigue
  • Very weakened immune system


3. It is common for blood transfusions to be given to the patient with leukemia during the treatment of chemotherapy. This is done to correct the onset of diseases such as anemia and prevent bleeding so it is normal that these side treatments are done while on chemotherapy.

4. In the case where the treatment of the chemotherapy is not satisfactory, that is, it has not been able to eliminate the cancer cells of the organism; we proceed to the bone marrow transplant. This treatment is delicate but it is the best alternative to be able to cure cancer in the blood.

In order to do so, a donor compatible with the patient is needed; this is usually found in members of the same family who will have to give their consent to submit to the donation. In case there is no family compatibility you will have to choose to find a donor that is compatible with the patient, although this process is slow and complicated, it may be favorable.

5. There is another possibility to treat leukemia and it is that the same patient is doing what is known as an “autotransplant “. This is only possible when in the laboratory it is seen that a patient is in remission of cancer, and then it is possible to go to the patient’s marrow and remove the stem cells. In the laboratory again it is a question of extracting any carcinogenic trace that may be present in the cells and proceeding to the transplantation of the same marrow but regenerated.

6. The causes of leukemia remain unknown, that “error” that takes place in the maturation of cells is not known why it is caused or, therefore, how to prevent it. However, it is known that carrying out healthy lifestyle habits ensures that your body is healthier and can be more protected against cancer.

Practices such as eating a healthy diet, exercising, quitting smoking and drinking and sun protection are some of the most recommended. In this article we tell you how to prevent cancer with healthy habits.

7. Leukemia is a type of cancer that can be detected by experiencing a series of symptoms in your body and your state of health that reveal that something is happening inside you. Among the most common symptoms of leukemia we highlight the following:

  • The decrease in platelets caused by this cancer makes the patient more tired and fatigued.
  • Hunger also disappears and a sudden large weight loss can be observed.
  • Appearance of anemia.
  • Bruises appear on the skin for no apparent reason.
  • Bleeding in areas such as the nose or rectum.
  • Pain of bones and vital organs such as the stomach.

This article is merely informative, in a COMO we do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

If you want to read more articles similar to how to treat cancer in the blood or leukemia, we recommend you to enter our category of diseases and side effects.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe

There so many people who have been asking Is teeth whitening safe. The answer to this question is yes. But there are conditions that must be met so that the tooth whitening process will work. Today, our smile is the most powerful way of communication and there are so many people who want to have white teeth.

Teeth’s whitening is a procedure where the teeth are whitened through removing brown stains. The color of the tooth comes from dentin and it is not possible to change it through bleaching unless the outer layer is chipped. This is associated with pain because dentin is composed of nerve endings and it will lead to tooth vitality. Before you choose any home bleaching, it is vital that you check with the dentist to see whether you are qualified for tooth

Root surfaces which are exposed because of gum recession or worn enamel will give access to bleaching gel and cause tooth sensitivity. Office bleaching is good for this situation because it is a controlled process where the gel will be applied selectively on the surface of the tooth and gums are going to be protected. Before any tooth whitening, it is vital for gums problems to be addressed or cracks.

There are whitening products especially those which are sold online and not dispensed by a dentist are not effective because they cause loss of tooth enamel. Most of the products are composed of an active ingredient an acid instead of peroxide. The question: is teeth whitening is safe. Yes, it is safe as long as the right procedure will be followed with the selected products for all your needs. A dentist should be there to supervise the whole process.

Understanding strategies in Clash of clan hack / astuce clash of clans

A well planned and easily understandable strategy of a video game is the key to its success and popularity that also includes the characters and interesting sounds as well. Clash of the clans hack is the game that is a very well planned and strategized game that interests every player, all over the world. Astuce clash of clans is the French version for the people of France, West Africa and Canada where majority of the French language speaking people reside.


“Easy come easy go” is an interesting phrase that is normally used by non-natives to express ‘works that are done with comfort and ease return good and positive results’. Clash of the clans hack / astuce clash of clans is the game that has been created and developed to provide easiness in playing along-with proceeding comfortably with alertness, in order to succeed. The awesome strategy of this beautiful game is very inclining, compelling the player to stick to the playing until it ends. Players just don’t want to leave the seat; instead they play it again and again.

This marvelous war-game spins around the combat and win cycle. According to the strategy, gamers raise their army of warriors consisting of dragons, barbarians and pyromaniac wizards with diversified capabilities. Building of a protective village and the related construction there-in is another action to take by the players. The other main key action is the accumulation of resources, like help from other villages and game currency that is required on every stage, until the final victory.